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Vagina Danish

http://www.porn-bread.com/vagina.htm Another naughty link. What can I say? I’m on a roll! The link however, is more pastry- than bun-related, and I was nonplussed until I noticed this bit: Drizzle with sticky white goo *snerk*

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Nymphettes favorite websites – StumbleUpon

http://nymphette.stumbleupon.com/ This is pretty funny. The lovely and talented Nymphette (who is wise beyond her years and has an excellent StumbleBlog) tried to link to a military-themed image here, captioned by this quote: I want team A to take up flanking positions while laying down covering fire for team B who will be moving up […]

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COCKSUGERPornPi6s reviews – StumbleUpon

http://cocksugerpornpi6.stumbleupon.com/ It’s X-Rated, so sensitive Stumblers may wish to avoid the jump, but I got a laugh out of the juxtaposition of his avatar with an earnest appeal to “feed the hungry” by clicking on a link for The Hunger Site. (Such is the fun to be had when you’ve a mind as dirty as […]

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