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I’m stealing this from WhyADuck’s stumbles, because it reminds me of an acquaintance who picks the movies he will see based on the amount of stuff blowed up real good in the trailers. His reasoning? If they have the money to blow up a car it MUST be a good movie! “I was tricked into seeing The Island last ngiht. It blows. I quote from the Las Vegas weekly…

‘The intelligent plot of the movie’s beginning comes and goes in spurts, getting out of the way whenever Bay decides it’s time to blow something up. His car chases are perfectly staged but completely pointless: In a movie with such theoretically high stakes, the chases mean absolutely nothing. A few sleek lines aside, we could be watching a scene from any other Bay movie; it makes no difference who is chasing whom as long as a bunch of cars get totaled in spectacular fashion.'”

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