I was one of the approximately FOUR people who watched this show when it originally aired (I probably still have some of the episodes on my oh-so-quaint collection of unwatched VHS tapes). I’m curious to see it again, if only to note whether it has retained its sense of novelty. After all, Twin Peaks seemed cool at the time too… “PROFIT: THE COMPLETE SERIES (Anchor Bay) Inspired by Ian McKellen’s take on Richard III, David Greenwalt and John McNamara conspired to create a show with an unorthodox protagonist. As McNamara says in a commentary on Anchor Bay’s DVD of their series Profit, the lead character would be “ambitious, handsome, committed, focused… and a total psychopath.” What made the show so subversive was the suggestion that these qualities (especially the last) made our anti-hero the perfect corporate executive. The business world offers Jim Profit (Adrian Pasdar) ample opportunities for blackmail, intimidation and murder. Fox greenlit a two-hour pilot and eight more episodes, only to yank the show after five weeks of ecstatic reviews and miserable ratings in the spring of 1996. Arriving before HBO and cable developed a viewership for adult fare, Profit was clearly doomed yet it was built to last. Its richly textured characters, graphic-novel-like visual aesthetic and dark humour make it less of a forerunner to The Sopranos than to Angel, which Greenwalt later shepherded. If only Jim had stuck around, he might’ve saved Enron. Extras: commentaries and a new hour-long doc.”

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