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An impressive “about me”. Great ‘thinking’ stumbles, too: “Although I voted twice against Bush, like many Americans I must admit that I’ve sat around in horror watching events unfold for the past five years, but have said nothing in the process. A silent, powerless voice. I really don’t consider myself an “activist type,” but I just can’t keep silent anymore. I feel like we’ve elected a high-priced, well-connected PR firm – not a team of truly exceptional leaders, as our nation deserves and demands. The President doesn’t know the meaning of “The Buck Stops Here,” and he must be held accountable for the devastation he has created. I can only hope there are more voices such as mine out there, and that recent tragic events will reignite the awareness of the American public and truly get our people back on a sensible course. I LOVE MY COUNTRY FIERCELY, but I feel like our path as a nation has taken a terrible turn away from our ideals. Please browse through some of the current events links below for some new perspective on the issues before us.”

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