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Herald-o-rama tonight. Here’s a wonderful reminiscence on the passing of the Double Decker:

I shall miss them. Those red metallic interiors, the smell of diesel, the snort of the engine, the draft on the top deck; standing on the open platform feeling like the king of the street as the bus coasted along the crowded pavement to its stop; the sight of perhaps a dozen of them, queued up in front of the National Gallery, their roofs glittering red in the morning sun; running down Oxford Street or Holborn dodging bicycles, to grab – just – the rear handrail and swing myself aboard as the bus moved off; standing at the stop squinting through the evening haze for the splash of red and that distinctive silhoeutte, the blunt nose butting its way through the traffic that brought my homeward ride, a seat on the top deck, and the theatre of the London streets unfolding below.

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