William T. “Bloody Bill” Anderson (1840 – 1864) – Find A Grave Memorial


I’ve been testing the range of Find-A-Grave.com, and have been impressed thus far at how many listings it contains. Unfortunately, some idiot site designer thought it a good idea to allow comments; no doubt as a means to “community building.” On several contentious pages, like that of John Wilkes Booth for example, the comments (or “virtual flowers”) have been turned off “because it was being continually misused.” South-will-rise-again types apparently still believe Lincoln was better off dead, and their comments were provoking flame wars. I’m not into flames, but I will indulge in a bit of righteous outrage after seeing this entry under the “Bloody Bill” Anderson listing:
He served in response to what he and millions of others viewed as an afront to personal liberty. Can any of us in modern times say that we would have done any different?
I would hope MANY of us would be able to say we had done differently. I’m all for an invaded country’s right to stand up for itself, but let’s remember that Bloody Bill didn’t come by that nickname lightly. Note to the poster: It’s ok not to be proud of ALL of your distant relatives!

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