A Fatal Incuriosity – New York Times


I’m not a big fan of Maureen Dowd, but today’s column is bang on in its assessment that The president should stop haunting New Orleans, looking for that bullhorn moment. It’s too late. If the following accusations are true, then my neighbours to the South are even more fucked than I initially thought (which is saying something) Incurious George, indeed:

Newsweek reported that the reality of Katrina did not sink in for the president until days after the levees broke, turning New Orleans into a watery grave. It took a virtual intervention of his top aides to make W. watch the news about the worst natural disaster in a century. Dan Bartlett made a DVD of newscasts on the hurricane to show the president on Friday morning as he flew down to the Gulf Coast.

The aides were scared to tell the isolated president that he should cut short his vacation by a couple of days, Newsweek said, because he can be “cold and snappish in private.” Mike Allen wrote in Time about one “youngish aide” who was so terrified about telling Mr. Bush he was wrong about something during the first term, he “had dry heaves” afterward.

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