Another unwitting StumbleTour today, albeit a far less happy one: Call it, Something is rotten in the state of US politics…

First up, Judith Miller gets out of jail after 3 months of silence, when her source finally realises that, since nothing’s going to happen to Rove, nothing’ll happen to him. As usual, his lawyers blame the wait on a “misunderstanding” about the paperwork. Yeah, right. The irony is, she went to jail to protect the same freedom of the press that the administration seems keen to restrict.

Next up, a key participant in an investigation that has been delayed several times over seems to be the victim of the most desperate smear campaign ever waged. References to his stealing office supplies seems to be one of the key messages in the attempt to discredit him. Is office supply theft not a capital offence yet? (I joke, but it probably is in Texas)

And rounding out the cavalcade of shame, a former education secretary shows that the Christian Right (sic) has fewer compunctions about abortion when it’s administered against black babies.

A sobering reminder: The administration these morons represent have just appointed a Chief Justice who could conceivably serve for 40+ years. God bless the USA – you’re gonna need it.

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