Christianity and the Demise of America

A worthwhile read. Yet another reminder that the tenets of Christianity seem not to be understood by many of those in power who profess to practice it:

Had the church not abdicated its moral responsibility of enacting the philosophy of Christ, the history of America would be very different; and our place in the world would also be changed. If the church believed in and taught the factual doctrines of Christ it would be a very radical institution, a far cry from the bastion of conservatism that we see today. It would actively organize against war. It would fill the streets with passionate people who demonstrate against the evils of war. It would take a strong stand against overt aggression, materialism, obscene wealth, imperialism, corporate crime, colonialism, and the unequal distribution of wealth. It would minister its massive resources to end poverty. It would denounce presidents who espouse Christian values; but who act like the anti-Christ. Rather than prop up false idols like George Bush and the so called “Christian Right,” it would denounce them as the blasphemers they are. It would demand truth and accountability. It would require both moral and physical effort from its members. It would require opposition to the power brokers in government. It would demand of them that they fight tyranny, as Dr. King did, and put themselves in harm’s way. It might even require that some of them be crucified or assassinated. That is demanding a lot of them. But we all know what happened to Christ; and many of us witnessed the assassination of Dr. King. Thus it seems to me that being a Christian – a real Christian – would mean giving up one’s comfort and confronting injustice wherever you find it. It requires taking a moral stand and doing something about injustice.

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