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I will never be mistaken for a wide-eyed, joyful, open-to-everything kind of person, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wish I could be every once in a while. BarryWeber is a role model in this respect. The kind of stumbler I’d love to meet in person.


Given that his page is chock-full of visit-worthy reviews, now is as good a time as ever to reiterate my love for this Stumbler, as well as to ask myself why I haven’t yet added him to my friends list. (Situation rectified!)

**BUMPITY BUMP part 2**

Everyone should be checking out BarryWeber’s page right now for an eloquent, moving, and FASCINATING Holocaust history intertwined with his own – my heart melts, it’s so beautiful. Barry’s preachings stress love of your fellow man, respect for the opinions of others, and a willingness to experience things outside your realm of experience. In these times of shrill evangelism, defined by Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and the President who believes he’s in contact with God, it’s nice to be reminded that Christ’s teachings are based in love and acceptance. I am a staunch nullifidian, but Barry’s faith is one I can respect and strive to uphold.

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