Pacers Jackson calls ban on chains racist statement – NBA – ESPN

Much like the century and a half of women’s suffrage protests and feminism, which have led to many modern women adopting sleazy attire and Girls Gone Wild attitudes, so hundreds of years of black leaders’ overcoming challenges and adversity results in some members of the current generation undoing all their hard work. In this case, a misguided basketball player cries racism because the NBA won’t let him wear his blinged-out crucifix* on the court. I especially love that his commitment to this cause won’t even extend to taking a monetary fine. Frederick Douglass, this guy ain’t:

Indiana Pacers guard Stephen Jackson, contending that a league ban on chains worn over clothing is “a racist statement” from the league, wore every long, diamond-studded chain in his collection Tuesday night as a protest.

A section in the new dress code listing items players are not allowed to wear on team or league business includes “chains, pendants or medallions worn over the player’s clothing.”

“I know a lot of guys on my team are upset and I have no problem speaking up on it,” Jackson said.

Jackson, though, said he wouldn’t openly defy the rule if it means he keeps “giving money back” in fines.

*(And we all know how much Jesus loved the bling!)

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