What’s a Modern Girl to Do? – New York Times


Much like the creationism/evolution debate, this topic seems to have come from nowhere to be a pressing issue in a sudden – for me at least. I’ve been shocked to see how many of my girl friends and acquaintances, over the past few months, seem to have done away with any kind of drive or ambition they may once have had to chase the career path of Kept Woman or Mommy. Even more disturbing are the intelligent women around me who play the dumb blonde or slutty vixen to “get ahead” (with success considered landing the man.) Thankfully, Maureen Dowd brings all this to the fore, and discusses it openly and honestly. And though the current state of feminism doesn’t offer (m)any solutions, it must be remembered that the first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem…

Many women now do not think of domestic life as a “comfortable concentration camp,” as Betty Friedan wrote in “The Feminine Mystique,” where they are losing their identities and turning into “anonymous biological robots in a docile mass.” Now they want to be Mrs. Anonymous Biological Robot in a Docile Mass.

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