QDB: Latest 50 Quotes


I have just spent a great deal of time (and far too many tears) laughing at this collection of quotes – witticisms and lack-thereofs – from the olden days of IRC. Wonderful stuff.

i wish i had a southern accent
gday mate
not that southern
hola amigo
getting closer
howdy yall
close enough

magneto-optic media a laser heats up one side of the disc
which induces a magnetic quality on the other side
the magnetic head then write to the surface while it’s heated
as for playback, the laser bounces light off it’s side, and thanks to the kerr effect, reads the information off that way
I just put the disc in
and hit play
that also works

McKhaos: this guy asks me
McKhaos: how many people work in your company ?
McKhaos: my answer
McKhaos: about a third

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