I’ve spent years idolising Bob Woodward for his investigative work in the Watergate scandal, and his ability to protect the source that led to a political wrong being righted. And over the past few weeks all that idolatry has been undone by his apparent attempt to keep a current wrong unrighted. Rolling Stone points out that a pundit has summarised this far better than I have:

As usual Arianna Huffington hit the ball out of the park on this one: “Hear that hissing noise? That’s the sound of the air being let out of Woodward’s reputation. Especially now that he’s decided to challenge Pincus to a round of credibility one-on-one. My money’s on Pincus, who was appropriately skeptical about the administration’s WMD claims while Woodward was writing hagiography about the brave president and his fearless aides.”

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