A four-star review from one of eye‘s crustiest critics? I’ll borrow a phrase from Say Anything… Get ready for greatness, Gaz!


You Can’t Break the Strings in Our Olympic Hearts

You can’t beat that title for bravado, but what makes The Diableros’ debut disc so exhilarating is that every single song here bristles with the possibility of those heartstrings snapping and blood spilling all over the floor. The Toronto pop romantics draw upon a grand tradition of anti-social songwriters — the sinister psychedelia of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, the slacker soul of Pavement, the bedroom soliloquies of The Cure — but any retro intimations are overridden by frantic frontman Pete Carmichael, who trembles through each song like he needed his life-or-death answers five minutes ago. “I’m not afraid!” Carmichael yelps amid the surging jangle drama of “Sugar Laced Soul,” but The Diableros’ passion and sincerity are only reinforced by the fact that you don’t believe him.

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