Thorpe’s Notes: R. Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet

Someone has made Coles Notes for R. Kelly’s too bad to be true “Trapped in the Closet,” uh, oeuvre.

Character Study:
By the end of the chapter, R. Kelly is prepared to threaten Rufus with a gun in order to leave the apartment. Throughout the narrative, R. Kelly is presented as a thoughtless and thuggish man, set adrift on a sea of troubles of his own making. He often seems remorseless; what regrets he has stem not from the fact that he has hurt others, but from the fact that he has put himself in precarious situations. He urges God not to let Rufus open the closet, but offers no penance for his sins; seemingly, Kelly feels as if he is owed favors by God, despite the fact that he behaves thoughtlessly without regard to the feelings of others.

Y’all ass is crazy: Your entire ass is crazy.
Bitch, please: Used to express disbelief at a woman’s words.
I’ma: I am going to

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