Canadian Opera Company

Yes, you’re seeing that right – thumbs-down for the only real opera game in town. I’ve been subscribing for a few years now, and today I got not so much the straw as the bale of them that breaks this camel’s back. First in a series of missteps is a HUGE jump in ticket prices. Admittedly, there’s a new opera house to pay for, but I wasn’t expecting that big a rise. The next stumbling block was the standby alternative – buying 4 tickets instead of the full 6 – is no longer an option, since they pick the days. Given my location and shift, a weekday opera is a no-go (literally), so I settled on the outrageously priced 6 pack, only to be told that I now had to pick three seating options (meaning sections, not specific seats as has been the tradition) despite only two cheap seat sections available! (*huff* *snarl*) If my two desired locations sell out before my subscription starts, I get bumped to a more expensive series!! (Oh, what the hell: !!!!!!!!!!)

Yet despite my anger and the sense that I’m being treated like a chump, I forked over my $240 (or possibly $360). Why? Because I am a whore for Mozart. This had better be the best goddamn opera EVER PERFORMED, is all I can say.

PS Thank God italics aren’t chargeable by the letter.
PPS Because if they were the COC would be forcing its customers to use them .

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