This is great. With the headline Former KGB Chief Reveals Supernatural Truth, they draw in the crazies and paranoiacs who believe they’re about to get proof of their faith.

Instead they get a brusque refutation: “With full responsibility I have to state – never ever during the long period of my work with the intelligence service was anything really supernatural spotted, either in Russia or in any other country. When I say “other country”, I rely on the information from the highest officials, military, research and of course the intelligence agencies of foreign states.

The point is, in every “important” country presidents, prime ministers and secret service chiefs requested investigations into resonant abnormal incidents. And in every case, in each country, competent people would give one and the same answer – no. I have personally read copies of these reports.

I finally came to the conclusion that, for better or for worse, there is nothing supernatural on the Earth.

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