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I have long had a crush on A.O. Scott, the nerdly and literate NY Times film reviewer. Wonder why? Try this quote from his King Kong notice:

At times, the blending of computer-generated imagery and live action is pushed to a point where the seams begin to show, as in a Pamplona-style running of the brontosauruses, with various human actors darting between the legs of rampaging lizards. But two scenes are so madly inspired that they are likely to become touchstones: a three-way T-Rex versus Giant Ape wrestling match in a deep ravine hung with vines, and a battle involving fanged worms and giant vampire crickets (at least I think that’s what they were).

In this world, Kong, while certainly irascible, also shows himself to be a pretty evolved guy. Apparently the only nonhuman mammal on the island, he is a grumpy vegetarian who treats the people sacrificed to him as playthings rather than prey. He takes a special shine to Ann, not just because she is blond and lovely, but because of her pratfalls and dance moves, which turn out to be the universal basis of entertainment.

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