Lee Harvey Oswald’s Oldest Daughter – The Education Forum


A surprising interview with the eldest daughter of Lee Harvey and Marina Oswald. Surprising not only for the fact that it exists, but also because June Oswald sounds as grounded as one can be given her family history. Though the latter may help to explain the former…

Q: If someone was to ask you today who your father is, what would you say? Whom do you really think of as dad?

A: Kenneth. Now, the word father does mean Lee to me, But dad is Dad. And you know, it’s not Lee’s fault he got killed by Jack Ruby. I don’t blame him for not being here for me. I do blame him for having beat my mother, and not being a good father or a good provider. Because some people have called me and said, “I knew your father and he really loved you.” I have to admit that when I heard that he used to play with me all the time, that was a nice feeling. I try to hold that in the back of my head.

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