Two housewives with a cracked sense of humour and too much time on their hands have started tagging their neighbourhood with their artwork. Unlike other graffiti-ers, though, these guys don’t paint – they knit.

These unfinished swatches of comfort and color used to be scattered around her house — fuzzy testaments to crafter’s ADHD — but two months ago she figured out a slightly illegal, completely irreverent way to get rid of them: graffiti. Knit graffiti.

One night she went out with another Montrose mom and stitched a pink-and-purple cozy onto a boutique’s door handle. It was an act of artistic defiance, a soft, warm tag in a part of town dominated by aerosol arrogance. Other swaths began appearing on street signs, car antennae and park benches, and word soon got around there was a new crew of taggers in town.

Their noms d’artiste are AKrylik and PolyCotN, but you can call them Knitta.

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