My World and Welcome… Funny Pages: Handy Latin Phrases

I get a tremendous amount of nerdy joy in being able to put my basic Latin skills to use, so these made me laugh:

Sona si Latine loqueris.
Honk if you speak Latin.

Must find a bumper sticker of this for my car…

Si hoc signum legere potes, operis boni in rebus Latinus alacribus et fructuosis potiri potes!
If you can read this sign, you can get a good job in the fast-paced, high-paying world of Latin!

Eheu! If only such opportunities existed! Instead, I’m stuck in the middling world of Quebecois French – and it is NOT the same!

Si metrum non habet, non est poema.
If it doesn’t rhyme, it isn’t a poem.

Free verse be damned. As far as I’m concerned, Catullus, Virgil and the rest were just too lazy to make a proper effort.

Thanks to the similarly overeducated (does that mean “nerdy”?) JiniFixen for the squee.

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