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CheapHits thankfully rethought his reaction to a bad review; I’m glad. I’ve seen a few other Stumblers for whom a bad review meant a reworking of their blog, and the deliberate suppression of their opinions from future entries. This is not from any lessening of their beliefs, by the way, but an effort not to rock the boat or garner any more unfavourable reviews. How sad! I encourage Stumblers visiting my page to leave a comment if they feel one is warranted, and to thumbs-down my page if it’s not to their tastes, as that’s how I Stumble. For me, SU is less a popularity contest than a forum for finding interesting debate and opinions. I’m happy to discuss diverging viewpoints or explore new attitudes, but I refuse to bend to insults or attacks. Hooray for CheapHits!

I got my first BAD REVIEW. A conservative lawyer from Oklahoma [] said I was…”Politically, a very angry stumbler”…but otherwise kind of cute or somethin’ like that. At first, I was staggered…they don’t like me!!!…I’ve gone too far!!!

Then I decided they were right. I AM angry…angry that people ARE GETTING KILLED EVERY DAY…not just Americans & Brits & Poles, ECT – but civilians, Iraqi kids. Now, I had a house in Baghdad for a couple years, lived there on and off, built lots of stuff there and still have friends there; but don’t YOU think it’s pointless and wrong, too? Well, you say, “we must support the troops”. I have been in one war and around a couple others and I promise you almost all those men and women gettin’ shot at really wanna do is COME HOME.

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