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Teleute asks:

why dont canadians fess up to the a-boot thing? i’ve seen trailer park boys and this hr. has 22-min. yeah… plenty of a-boots… and i didnt even mention degrassi… if canadian media has anything to offer than those three programs i have yet to find it. i think you should play it up, pretend its a rare, cool-sounding accent, like rasta or something.

*shakes head at American accent ignorance*

Dude, I’m not claiming we don’t pronounce it differently, but listen carefully: It’s not a-boot it’s a-boat.

Hmm. Not sure I should have pointed that out. I may just have betrayed a Canuckistan Resistance code word, to be used in the event of American invasion.

And don’t be knockin’ Degrassi, or we’ll burn your White House down again (though I imagine about 49% of the country’s eligible voters won’t have a problem with that this time…)

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