Dear Stumblers,

Seeing as how the graveyard has recently seen a lot of action, I thought I’d dash off a quick note as to my whereabouts, lest I be counted amongst the departed.

I’ve been sick with a cough that could demolish a house, which is bad enough in and of itself but this is supposed to be the second week of training for my new job, and I’ve missed most of it. That which I haven’t missed has shown distressingly high levels of bang-head-on-desk moments, as the girl whose position I’m filling seems determined to teach me nothing. I have yet to discern if this is deliberate, or if she’s a “do-er not teacher” type. Add to that a ticking clock with the fact that she’s pregnant and due in less than a month, and the usual mess that is my current job and coworkers, and it’s been one of the more challenging fortnights of my life.

All this has resulted in floods of tears and a mope of Olympic proportions. I’d love to say I’ve avoided Stumbling for fear of sounding as whiny as I do right now, but the reality is I haven’t had a minute to myself to do much reading, and whiny-ness runs in the family.

Offers for better jobs and/or “snap out of it” letters are welcomed. Here’s hoping we will soon return to our regularly scheduled Stumbling (Oh please God let it be soon!)

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