The Third Man (1949) – Trivia – IMDb

A neat bit of back-and-forth that resulted in one of the best cast movies I’ve seen. I’m going straight to hell for suggesting a remake of a near-perfect film, but I daresay if one was to be made, the time is ripe for it. The central character is a morally bankrupt, cronyist, business-over-people profiteer – have Harry shoot Holly in the face “by accident” and the modernisation is complete!

Producer David O. Selznick originally wanted Noel Coward for the role of Harry Lime; but director Carol Reed insisted on Orson Welles.

Director Carol Reed originally wanted James Stewart for the role of Holly Martins; producer David O. Selznick insisted on Joseph Cotten, who was under contract to Selznick’s production company at that time.

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