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IrishYankee – my very first StumblePal – pointed out to me that yesterday was my StumbleAnniversary (and his birthday!) In honour of my StumbleEvent, though, I did no blogging at all (though I did get my foot x-rayed, so that’s gotta count for something…) Today, to make up for my omission, I’ll blatantly teef this wonderful rant by Sam Harris from the Yankee’s site. The circle of Stumbling continues:

Why doesn’t the Bible say anything about electricity, about DNA, or about the actual age and size of the universe? What about a cure for cancer? Millions of people are dying horribly from cancer at this very moment, many of them children. When we fully understand the biology of cancer, this understanding will surely be reducible to a few pages of text. Why aren’t these pages, or anything remotely like them, found in the Bible? The Bible is a very big book. There was room for God to instruct us on how to keep slaves and sacrifice a wide variety of animals. Please appreciate how this looks to one who stands outside the Christian faith. It is genuinely amazing how ordinary a book can be and still be thought the product of omniscience.

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