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Noting my recent StumbleAnniversary, this is a good time to give a big thumbs-up to SU itself. What I’ve noticed over the past year of almost-constant Stumbling is that there is something here for everyone; I find myself delving into the different aspects to see what “takes,” and what takes changes from month to month.

My first few weeks were spent repeatedly hitting the Stumble button, but I now do that only to check for links from friends. The links-for-friends feature I still use (I’m sure some would say to excess) and almost half my Friends listings are realworld pals for whom that is their sole use of SU. The other half of my Friends listings, however, are a small group (as in real life, I’m very discerning) of perfect strangers whose wonderful StumbleBlogs I check on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. The familiarity that results makes me feel amiss to use the term “stranger.” (Though “strange” could certainly apply to one, or two ;))

These days, the new job prevents me from updating as much as I used to, but I catch myself bookmarking stories to Stumble for later; the behaviour has become ingrained, I suppose. I must Stumble something about that later… 🙂

What a treat to be part of such a terrific community. Thanks to the devs for creating it, and to all the Stumbletons who help make it great!

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