This is the third of four multimedia-based Stumbles I’m recommending today; unusual in that I don’t often find such sites that appeal to me. This one’s the oddest of odd sites out, as there’s no movie, but an auto-play song at the other end. Normally such an intrusion would earn a double-thumbs-down from the Usability Nazi in me, but since the song in question is Tom Lehrer’s Vatican Rag, all is forgiven.

Like Phil Ochs, Lehrer’s music no longer feels old and stodgy, though pale imitator Mark Russell does his best to stodgify the genre. Perhaps this freshness stems from the fact that Lehrer is a genuine crank who doesn’t tone down his bite. Neither is the energy of the songs an obstacle.

I had sought this link in order to quote some of the terrific lyrics. That there’s an MP3 attached is a bonus. ENJOY!

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