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Here’s a link to video of the afore-Stumbled Michael Berg interview. Some of the readers’ responses are bang-on, and this one in particular caught my eye:

The wingnuts are basking in Zarqawi’s blood today. They’ve got music video’s of the blast and every kind of picture they can find of his bloody corpse. These remind me of the same “jihad” videos zarqawi and his ilk would circulate every time they killed someone. In fact, if his body were here michelle malkin might be dragging it through the streets by the look of her blog. But we are so much better, and more civilized, than they are, right! Cause we only parade around bloody corpses in defense of democracy! Its OK then!!!

Michael Berg is a brave man who suffered a horrible loss with dignity and digs deep into TRUE christianity and forgiveness and love. Something these warmongers can not fathom. It will only be a short while until they mock him all over their blogs.

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