This is hands down (and thumbs up) the best thing I’ve seen on SU all week. A 3 year old, obsessed with the show Newshour with Jim Lehrer has a Jim Lehrer-themed birthday party. I’m sure all of the kids – and most of the parents – were bored to tears, but nice to see the parents supporting their son’s decisions so early 🙂 Even nicer to see the Jim Lehrer crew playing along:

The party was over Memorial Day weekend, and the Schallys made all their guests wear the hats Jennifer Schally designed. They got a cake with the photo of the show’s correspondents and Jennifer Schally arranged for Jim Lehrer to send an autographed photo for a birthday present.

It read, “To my youngest fan” and was signed, “Jimmy Jimmy BoBo”, which is the nickname Henry gave Lehrer.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, FunkyCaucasian for the Stumble!

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