President Bush is pushing Congress to give him more authority to slice and dice the budget, an idea that’s popular with conservatives who think the White House needs more muscle to restrict federal spending.

Everybody look carefully at some very worrying trends hidden between those lines.

“Pushing Congress to give him more authority…” It occurred to me the other day that the Republicans now control all three branches of government. My initial thought was, what effect will that have on the delicate checks-and-balances system? The answer, of course, I already knew; The US now has an Attorney General who is backing wiretapping and spying, and a judiciary who, in recent weeks, have shown what a stacked deck can accomplish when it puts its small mind to it. And now Bush wants another inch granted to him in the game of power, so that he can take it as a mile. See that last line? “… the White House needs more muscle to restrict federal spending.” Restrict spending? Bush hasn’t managed to come anywhere near that during his 6 years. If the man who has wasted money on Iraq and tax cuts wants to slash a federal budget, I shudder to think what beneficial social programs are about to be axed.

These are scary times, watching a once-proud democracy being dismantled bit by bit…

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