CTV Toronto – Six GTA shootings mar first weekend of summer – CTV News


And for the third time in five days, a police officer shot and struck a suspect who used his vehicle to try and run down the officer.

In that incident, which took place at about 3:15 a.m. Saturday in Scarborough, the officer shot and struck the 23-year-old suspect behind the wheel, but he too was seriously hurt.

While police are not commenting on what exactly transpired during the confrontation, media reports said the officer had been run over.

This happened right in front of my building, and as it happens I heard the entire thing. Awakened by shouting, I was halfway to the window to see what the commotion was when I heard “PUT THE GUN DOWN!” Hearing one of my black friends’ voices in my head (“white people always go toward danger”), I quickly retreated back to bed, and luckily missed seeing the shot, though I certainly heard it. For the record, gunshots do not sound like firecrackers, they sound like small cannons – which I suppose they are.

All day Sunday, my sister and I geeked out watching the investigative teams do their stuff, and today two SIU officers interviewed me about it – I’m living in a CSI episode! Jokes aside, Toronto’s had an increasing number of such incidents lately – doesn’t bode well for a summer that’s barely started…

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