The Lucksmiths


My favourite band announces their break-up. Not unexpected news, but certainly unhappy. Farewell, fellows – thanks for CD after CD of incredible pop tunes.


I’m ashamed to say that quite a few Stumblers have beaten me to reviewing the homepage for my favourite band, including Carring-Tron, who took three listens to understand their greatness. (Philistine! Well, reformed Philistine…) That greatness comes from a combination of incredible performance and heartbreakingly wondrous songs. I highlyHighlyHIGHLY recommend them to anyone who appreciates witty, intelligent lyrics or personable live performances. How good are they? Well, while I can’t bring myself to attend more than one or two concerts a year in my own city, I’ve driven over 2300 miles in the past three years to see my Luckies play live. Listen and love them!

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