Throw Your Tweezers Away – New York Times

Fashion victims, sheep and slaves, take note! The fashion world does their usual 180-degree turn, making something that was once disdained the height of fashion. And it took them long enough that many women who follow such absurdities will have plucked themselves bald, making themselves this season’s social pariahs. What a load of hooey. Once again we see society do whatever it can to turn women on each other and promote cattiness. Even sadder is how many women actually fall for it.

Whether fake or farm-raised, fur makes a fashionable fall accessory. But this season the trendiest fluff is not the trim on coats or handbags. Autumn’s most prized pelt is the hairy eyebrow.

“For women who overpluck, this season will be about growing your eyebrows back so that they have a natural arch that extends out and ends in a beautiful point,” said Pat McGrath, a makeup artist for Max Factor and CoverGirl and the creative director for Procter & Gamble Beauty.

Ms. McGrath is one of the trend-setting stylists responsible for unleashing the feral eyebrow as this season’s beauty signature. At the Prada fall fashion show in Milan in February, she combed models’ eyebrows up with clear mascara so that they fanned out like plumage, lending their faces a wild expression which Ms. McGrath described as “sauvage.”


This is currently the most-emailed story on the NYTimes website? My dwindling hope for the female species is further tested.

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