You’d never know it from his anticlimactic comic strip (seriously, I never bother reading the last panel of a Dilbert cartoon) but Scott Adams can be pretty funny. Here he takes on the poor-analogy Muslim cleric, whose 15 minutes are about up:

Like you, I am highly offended by this comment. He compared men to CATS! Now don’t get me wrong – I love cats. But they do clean themselves with their tongues, eat bugs, and have the IQs of squirrels. No offense to squirrels. And these cats are apparently rapists too. As you know, rapist cats are the very worst kinds of cats – even worse than the hairless ones…

I’m also told that some women took offense to being compared to a piece of meat. That’s not as bad as being compared to a squirrel-brained, self-licking rapist, but whatever.

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