Rumsfeld’s gone! In a week that has seen the fall of Rev. Haggard, Donald Rumsfeld and the Republican control of Congress (and the rise of the stock market in reaction), it’s feeling less like Xmas than Hannukah come early. By my count, I’m owed another four lovely news reports before the fun diminishes!

For now, though, let’s wallow in Don’s departure, which he chalks up to the “complexity” of the Iraq war.

In brief remarks, Rumsfeld described the Iraq conflict as a “little understood, unfamiliar war” that is “complex for people to comprehend.”

Perhaps complex for the aforementioned morons currently being recruited to serve in the quagmire, but the rest of us understood it pretty well from the beginning. For anyone still unsure, it was an oil grab that went bad, ostensibly because nobody planning (insert air quotes, there) it knew anything about history or politics. Arrogance has such unpleasant consequences…

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