Candle Records

This is sad news, but the legacy of the label is worthy of a thumbs-up. Candle Records of Sydney, AU, has a roster of fantastic, intelligent pop musicians who will be finding themselves label-less come February. I’m scared that this will hasten the demise of one of those groups, The Lucksmiths, who are far and away my favourite band of all time. Another legendary Candle artist is my “mate” Darren Hanlon, but I’m less worried for him. (There’s an adage that “a banjo will get you through times of no money, but money won’t get you through times of no banjo” – this sums up Dazza perfectly) From now until the official closure date, Candle is selling off its inventory of CDs. If you’ve never heard the Luckies or Darren – or the Girls from the Clouds, or Ruck Rover or the Simpletons or any of the other terrific Candle acts – now is a great time to get acquainted.

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