VapidAndVains favorite websites – StumbleUpon

Where has Sinycizym been my whole StumbleLife? And how can she find such huge amounts of cool stuff? I must have checked “only Stumble lame sites” or something…


I asked where she’d been my whole StumbleLife, but upon closer inspection, Sinycizym’s posts (and friends, and avatar solicitation and vote for me button) feel somewhat familiar. Are we witnessing the resurrection of the infamous, long-lost VapidandVain, whose old page now appears to be occupied by a StumbleSquatter?


Hooray, I was right! Clearly, I am wasted as an office drone, and should investigate Super Sleuth as another possible career path (after Slumlord and Goat Farmer have been conquered…)

As I said to V&V/Sincy, I feel like Lois Lane in Superman II, but without the SuperVillains and terrible acting. But with a cookie – cookies are always good sustenance for Super Sleuthing.

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