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My pal Carrington (AKA “Helper Elf #4”) gave yesterday’s Last Minute Craft Fair some mad last-minute-y props. (Or would that be “proms”, for promotion?)

This was my first attempt to organise an event, and I’m happy to report it went off with only a few hitches – a “bisexual” sign, some early arrivers, a drafty spot in the room – most of which were silly mistakes on my part, and will be corrected for next year.

Pleasant surprises that really made my day:

– I had no less than 6 Helper Elves over the course of the day, helping to set up tables, direct traffic, “curing” the bisexual sign, manning booths, sweeping floors and much, much more. Thanks to them, everything went incredibly smoothly.

– Helper Elf #3, newbie Stumbler RachelBelanger is owed far, far more than just a thumbs-up from me! Rachel not only helped truck in boxes and direct crafters to the booths she helped lay out, but she assembled my own booth while I was tending to other concerns. Even better, the way she laid things out was so much better than I had intended, I’m confident the vast majority of my sales for the day were due to her. There are few people in the world who would do that much that well for someone they’d only met once!

– I had twisted my sister’s arm to create a booth for her recipes, presented in the form of layered mixes, beautifully decorated. The night before, she was frustrated and nervous and wondering where she’d put all the unsold jars in her cramped apartment. No worries now – she was entirely sold out by the midway point of the fair! Even more wonderful was hearing her chatter excitedly through the ride home about what she would do “next year”.

– Most wonderfully of all, though, everything really gelled: We had a wonderful, warm day; Everyone’s booth looked fantastic; The crafters were all lovely people who made great and varied stuff; The foot traffic seemed to be pretty strong; Lots of friends stopped by to show their support; and a good time was had by all. Terrific fun!

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