Twice this week, I’ve been out past 2 a.m. with friends who I hadn’t seen yet this year. I’m still working my 10 hour days, so I’ll be wrecked by Saturday, but boy, has it been worth the tiredness. I’ve spent so much of this year at my desk, removed from all human contact (I’m not counting my coworkers as humans, in this case), that it’s been fantastic to reconnect with my friends. Also interesting to compare the happenings of our year, and realise that we’re all adults now. One spoke of his law clients, and another of her publishing contract. What I really liked, though, is to hear of their newfound adulthood while still being able to discuss juvenile TV shows or listening to the latest Darren Hanlon album. We’re grownups, but we haven’t hit the exhausted stage where we watch nothing but Dateline and trade in our indie rock for Michael Bolton CDs. So far, I’m enjoying my thirties.

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