It Has Unraveled So Quickly – New York Times

Here’s an article you won’t find in the march of headlines on Fox News – a difficult, dark article about the current state of Iraq, written by one who arrived just after the invasion, and has witnessed all the changes since.

The quote which most sticks with me is this: “This just has to burn itself out.”

I mentally wrestle with the idea of what to do with the American forces in Iraq. I still believe that invading in the first place was a huge error – I doubt there are many who disagree with that now. But the idea of withdrawal was always troubling to me; I wanted to see the blunder made right. Unfortunately, with the current administration in charge, making right isn’t really in the forecast. This article makes it clear that, while the Americans have made some progress, the Iraqi people don’t appreciate the gesture or their presence. The idea that the situation will burn itself out is at once encouraging and upsetting. There’s hope for Iraq’s future, but it appears to have been a needless waste of over 3000 American – and tens of thousands of Iraqi – lives.

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