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I’m becoming increasingly attuned to the “Most Read” and “Most Emailed” lists provided by mainstream media. One quick glance can sum up both the range of articles provided, and the zeitgeist of the site’s readership. The New York Times – long a favourite paper – demonstrates its excellent mix of whimsy, reportage, editorial and hard news (ie. wire stories) when readers regularly email a variety of stories from all buckets. Sadly, the Fox News site’s readers, at a glance, appear to be just as unsophisticated as you’d think. Take a walk through humanity’s darker side with this collection of “most read” headlines:

# Missing Montana Boy, 3, Found Dead in Septic Tank
# Death Squad Leaders Flee Baghdad Ahead of Troop Surge, Former Iraqi Official Says
# Florida City Pays Girl Who Says Cop Made Her Do Topless Jumping Jacks $35K
# Hospice Helps Dying Man Lose His Virginity
# Sword-Wielding Teen Kills Mom, Injures Three Others Before Police Shoot, Kill Him
# Miss California, Miss Pennsylvania Win Final Miss America Preliminary Round
# Kerry Blasts Foreign Policy, Says U.S. Has Become ‘International Pariah’
# Family Throws Ben Ownby Welcome Home Party
# Sen. Clinton: ‘I Take Responsibility’ for Giving President Bush Power to Act in Iraq
# Japanese Official: Women ‘Birth-Giving Machines’
# Britney Spears Photographer Tells ‘I Didn’t See Her Try to Cover’
# Israel May Have Misused U.S.-Made Cluster Bombs
# Teacher Barred From Classroom After Making Students Draw Male Genitalia on Blackboard
# Iranian Nuke Official Denies Installation of 3,000 Uranium-Enriching Centrifuges
# Rosie O’Donnell Sends ‘Idols’ to Disney World
# Man Zaps Wife’s Grandmother With Taser in Dispute Over Spanking

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