400 years after the Puritans landed their fun-hating asses on American soil, their prurient legacy lives on. The Bush administration pushed forward a 2 TRILLION dollar budget, but of course all the press wants to talk about is how Prince’s guitar looked like a big penis. As if all guitars aren’t phallic symbols in the first place. (The term “wank rock” didn’t originate spontaneously, after all.)

Prince’s acclaimed performance included a guitar solo during the “Purple Rain” segment of his medley in which his shadow was projected onto a large, flowing beige sheet. As the 48-year-old rock star let rip, the silhouette cast by his figure and his guitar (shaped like the singer’s symbol) had phallic connotations for some.

A number of bloggers have decried “Malfunction!” – including Sam Anderson at New York magazine’s Daily Intelligencer. Daily News television critic David Bianculli called it “a rude-looking shadow show” that “looked embarrassingly rude, crude and unfortunately placed.”

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