NTU lecturer Feedback Damn Funny..


During my University years, one of the highlights of the calendar was the day we got to review our classes and profs. Keener nerd that I am, I always approached the survey with an eye to how it would help students that came after, but there was always one who used the forum to make a surrealist statement. My favourite ever involved a fellow sufferer of German 101, who insisted one of our classmates was actually an alien, and that footslapping dance lessons should have been prerequisite. While this video doesn’t quite match up to that level of lunacy (and if you’re reading this, James Kelly, drop me a line!), it’s still a lot of fun. Skip to the 2:00 mark to hear a Singaporean prof shares some of his better feedback offerings in front of the class. Apparently he boasts quite a cult of moustache groupies…

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