Read It? No, but You Can Skim a Few Pages and Fake It – New York Times

Now Pierre Bayard, a Paris University literature professor, has come to their rescue with a survivor’s guide to life in the chattering classes. And it is evidently much in need. “How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read?” has become a best seller here, with translation rights snapped up across Europe and under negotiation in Britain and the United States…

Mr. Bayard reassures them that there is no obligation to read, and confesses to lecturing students on books that he has either not read or has merely skimmed. And he recalls passionate exchanges with people who also have not read the book under discussion.

So it’s a book for people who don’t read books, and has become a bestseller despite its inherent inability to be a “display” title. Did I miss something? Like March? Is it April Fool’s Day already?

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