BBC NEWS | Middle East | Star-crossed lovers quit West Bank

The BBC reports on a “star crossed” (checkpoint-crossed is more apt) couple from the Middle East, who find themselves forced to leave in order to pursue a normal married life. She, as a Jew, is not accepted by his Palestinian neighbours (and doubt is cast on his allegiances too), and he can’t get passed the Israeli checkpoints. Their comments are quite telling, and also sad – if such level-headed people are being driven out, what future does the region have?

Jasmine has given up on her own country.

“Jewish people were abused for thousands of years, but my nation has switched from being victims to being abusers…”

…Osama tells me why he has also given up on his own people.

“There were threats. People said if I brought my wife here we’d be in danger. Even my friends said that. They say I am a traitor.”

“It makes me wonder whether I want to be a Palestinian any more.”

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