Another Grim Week in Iraq – New York Times

Fox News fans, take note. There are a lot of big words in this editorial, but bear with me – this is what we call “shades of gray”. It means that we can disagree with the Bush administrations policies, without taking the side of the terrorists. The “decider” President hasn’t proven himself capable of this kind of thinking, which explains why his reaction is to throw money (and troops) at the problem without analysing exactly what the cause or effect is.

A supplemental financing bill amended this way would be hard for senators to vote against or for Mr. Bush to veto. House Democrats also want to make it a vehicle for prodding the White House into imposing benchmarks and timetables on an Iraqi government that still refuses to purge its security forces of sectarian thugs and reach out to the country’s Sunni Arab minority. We hope they succeed.

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