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JMuskov points to a Star Wars anti-smoking PSA from the 1970s:

OHMIGOD!!! I havent seen this since I was a kid. Star Wars PSA starring C-3P0 and R2-D2. C3P0 catches Artoo having a quick smoke.

Why they chose a robot, oh sorry, droid (im a nerd) is beyond me. Why not Chewbacca? Or Sand People?

Anyone who’s watched the original Star Wars films as much as I have (there are few) will know that R2 is the baddest of bad influences in the film. Note how often he lures 3P0 into his dangerous thrill-seeking, and manipulates him with puppy-dog-eyes chirps and beeps when he refuses to follow direction. R2 becomes petulant and moody when he doesn’t get his way, and has the foulest and most cynical mouth in the cast. In an ideal world (i.e. one without Jar Jar), R2 – not the prissy 3P0 – would’ve been the robot assembled by the baby Darth Vader. But then, in an ideal world (i.e. one not written by George Lucas), Anakin would’ve gone bad way before his cutesy kid phase and not because of his stroppy teenhood.

And I’ve got alternative theories on that not-so-good Glinda from The Wizard of Oz, too…

(Borderline-paranoid cynicism is generally results when one is raised by Scottish parents, which possibly means R2 and I have a common heritage.)

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