I just couldn’t stay away…

One last post before cruise ship gouging limits my Internet access: Two last thank yous need to be shouted out (publicly, this time) to Dougfus and SaveFerris for showing me such a good time in Chicago. I’ve long since noticed that Chicago has some of the most consistently entertaining and engaging Stumblers, and meeting two of them in person reinforces this belief. They are also rightfully very proud of their absolutely gorgeous city – I had a terrific time during my all-too-brief stay.

I also feel priviledged to have met all the members of Dr. Doug’s famous cat menagerie – it’s like having met Elvis, if he were Internet-famous, very hairy, and split into seven.

Thanks guys, for your hospitality. I hope to be able to return the favour sometime once I get back to Toronto!


Since I’ll be trying out my new citizenship on this trip, I thought a change in the “about me” was in order. I’ll be brutish again when I get back to Canada…

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